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I lost over $, with dealing with Ron and his narcissistic lies. he know the vehicle was dysfunctional because he put it in the shop several times. what's the bank gave approval then he abandoned me on his promise to have everything fixed. run is a very proficient liar

is the title number that run company is responsible for selling me the vehicle under the Florida State. the vehicle that Ron was very dysfunctional and run new it because he sent the vehicle to the shop three times before I received the finances from the bank he chose. he promised me that he would fix everything. he lied. the vehicle lasted no more than a little over a year and I lost $, in the process. Ron required $3, down and the bank finance the difference. Ron is a liar.


great experience with avi moving , fair price and good service

They are ruining a sophisticated criminal business. Majority of their lots are by a company called strategic holdings 9 Ltd. They will sell you lands with no access, take maps and draw their own road access. They will also give you 2 to 6 days to exchange contracts and if you don’t they will charge you double everything. Barney estates is their platform to take you money and sell you a dead beat horse. Look elsewhere to companies that are more reputable.

Correct Address:- / , gali no C-9, behind durga mandir, New Shantinagar, Shankar Nagar, Raipur CG ,

Address galt likhi h iss site pr

D'un abord très difficile. Il y a de quoi se perdre franchement entre les portails des réseaux fédéral, bruxellois et wallon. Ça manque grandement de guidance et de convivialité. J'espère que la "digitalisation" dont on nous bassine les oreilles pourra faire mieux !

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  • Jhon Bay
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  • 1 day ago

D'OXYVA has been a game-changer for me in the past few months. It's truly a miracle worker! I used to suffer from chronic back and knee pain, and I honestly never believed I could experience life without constant pain. But thanks to D'OXYVA, I'm finally living a pain-free, normal life again.

या फसव्या पार्लरचा कधीही वापर करू नका आणि कधीही फसव्या पॅकेज डील खरेदी करू नका आणि त्यांच्या फसव्या थेरपी सेवांचा कधीही वापर करू नका. व्यवसाय पॅकेज डीलला सहमती देतो, आगाऊ पैसे गोळा करतो आणि नंतर फसवणुकीने पॅकेज डीलचा सन्मान करण्यास नकार देतो. या आस्थापनामध्ये बाथरूम, टॉयलेट, गरम टॉवेल, स्वस्त कमी दर्जाचे दुर्गंधीयुक्त तेल, कमी दर्जाचे स्वस्त टॉवेल्स, स्वच्छता नाही, थेरपिस्ट नाही. औपचारिक थेरपी शिक्षण, प्रमाणपत्रे, प्रशिक्षण, थेरपी तंत्र, थेरपी कौशल्ये, योग्य वातावरण नसणे, थेरपी कौशल्याची पातळी!

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