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Sumloe Pty Ltd built our spanline pergola. It has several defects and leaks. They have never returned to fix it. It's been over months.

Sumloe Pty Ltd built my spanline pergola. It was never installed correctly and continues to have defects and leaks. They have never returned to fix the issue after waiting months+

Best Indian restaurant in town I like spices food .staff also like family environment

Best Indian restaurant in town I like spices food .staff also like family environment

ZERO STARS! Both Charles Schmitt and Michael Sockel give the small dealers a bad name. Both knowingly sold a vehicle without a title, made false promises, then told me "good luck " when I threatened to take them to court. Charles also claimed to have the title on its way but when I showed up, doors were locked. After looking into it further, they never paid Manheim Auto Auction for the vehicle. Their account is in Collections Hold. They deserve to be shut down for Fraud! AVOID THESE CROOKS!!

Bardzo uczciwa kancelaria Obsługa bardzo profesjonalna i na jak najwyższym poziomie Pani notariusz wnikliwie pilnuje szczegółów zawieranych u niej umów oraz aktów notarialnych Polecam wszystkim tym którzy pragną być obsłużeni profesjonalnie i na czas

I would not recommend this shelter to anyone, they have a lost animal that they will not allow anyone to identify, it seems to me it isn't about animals as much as control and $$$, if they were all about the animals and people, they would not put families through such agony and heartbreak. They would allow them to at the very least try and identify the animal, and if it is their animal, they should be given the opportunity reclaim the animal. Very sad situation.

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They expect you to continue working for them without getting paid

I went here and turned a blind eye for 9 years! Disgusting filthy leadership and people in "authority positions". Fake backstabbers manipulating the bible to meet their own wants. Nothing but heretics and cowards in the pulpit except for the occasional guest speaker, who's message they usually walk back. Tax haven and investment property for the main doctor "pastor", insists leaders are appointed but he bought his way into a pulpit filled with selfriteousness. Will communistically try to sensor

Fake attraction. Private property.

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